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Last academic year students worked hard to improve their attendance and the overall attendance was 92.3% for 2022-2023. This has improved from 2021-2022 which is fantastic. Attendance at Foxwood is good and we will continue to work hard this year to improve attendance further. 

The DfE have released a document for Parents and Carer's to support improving attendance for your child/children. Click on the link for additional guidance and expectations around attendance in schools.

Our 2023-2024 target is 95%! 


The attendance for the year-to-date (as of 11th March) is as follows = 92.9%

The attendance for the week 4th to 8th March is as follows = 93.7%


At Foxwood Academy, all stakeholders who work with us recognise the importance of good attendance at school. Regular attendance not only safeguards our students, but meets our values; Educate, Learning for Life, Celebrate and Independence. It is more challenging for our young people to develop the skills they need for their future when their attendance is poor. 

At Foxwood we want all our students to feel safe, happy, excited to come to school and ready to learn. We want all our students to understand the importance of coming to school every day and establish a culture of good attendance.  

Foxwood Academy has high expectations for all student's attendance, and we aspire for all pupils to attend school 95% of the time. We understand that students will get ill and may need to remain at home. We understand that some students have medical conditions that require additional appointments and are not always easy to get outside of school hours. We understand there are some students who find it more challenging to attend school for other reasons. For all reasons of absence, it is important that staff at Foxwood work closely with students and families at every stage, to offer support and work on removing barriers to attendance by working together to put the right support in place for students. At the end of each half term, parents and carers will receive an attendance update letter to show attendance to date. 

All staff monitor student’s attendance. When attendance starts to drop, tutor teams will contact families for a wellbeing check to see how the young person is. It is important that patterns of absence are monitored closely and when attendance drops below 93% an ‘Attendance Information Letter’ will be sent home. This is to ensure that parents and carers are aware of the level of absence and the impact this may have. When attendance continues to drop, Phase Leaders or the Head of Care/Family liaison will facilitate and formalise a Support Plan to help the student access education by attending regularly. This may include getting outside agencies in to offer support as well as internal support we provide. At every stage of monitoring attendance, staff at Foxwood will work closely with families to build and provide a network of support for the young people and families of Foxwood.  

Absence due to illness 

If your child is unwell and cannot attend school, please call the school office before 8:30am to give a reason for absence. If there is no reason provided, this will result in an unauthorised absence, and school making contact with parents/carers to safeguard our students. 

Medical Appointments  

We do ask that medical appointments are made outside of school time. Where this is not possible, we do ask that they are made as early or as late as possible in the school day to ensure that as little learning as possible is missed. If your child has a medical appointment, the letter must be sent to the office so this can be recorded as a medical. 

Please see below our policy for pupil attendance:

Attendance Policy