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Sarah Morgan - Chair of Governors

 Community Governor


Iwas approached inthe summer of2017 tojoinFoxwood Academy Governing Body as I already had goodprofessional relationship with the school from my timeworkingatBramcotePark School. 

Having workedwithin NottinghamshireSchoolSettingsfor 26 years holding various roles withinSpecial Educational Needs Departments (SEND)I was delighted to become a member and felt I could contribute to the role of governor at Foxwood. In 2019 I became Chair of Governors and thoroughly enjoy the role and the challenge that it brings. 

During my time atBramcotePark Iset upand managedthe Student Support Centre, which supported pupils with a range of educational, emotionaland medical needs. During my time there I alsoheld the roles of DeputySencoand SENCO. 

In 2010 Iwent ontoRushcliffe School in WestBridgfordand co lead the SEND Department untilin 2015I made the decision to leavemy career ineducation and become more involved in our familyrunbusiness. Mycurrentroles within the business areaccounting and humanresources. 

During my spare time I like to spend timegardening andenjoying visiting National Trust properties.

Term Start Date = 01/07/2023

Term End Date = 30/06/2027