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Therapies at Foxwood

Many of the children and young people that attend Foxwood Academy have different therapy requirements written into their EHCP.

Sometimes therapies are delivered away from school at the child or young persons home and sometimes therapies are delivered in school. We must balance therapy provision with teaching and learning and recognise that they often work hand in hand.

The EHCP will name a therapy and we will work with the LA to finance and provide the sessions where appropriate.

Speech and language therapists (SaLT), Physiotherapists and Occupational therapists (OT) work closely with the school and staff teams. Often the therapists will provide individual plans that we deliver at different times during the day. We work with therapists from the LA and employ our own SaLT and OT.

Much of the curriculum is based around speech, language and communication and so the needs of the children are met both implicitly and explicitly through taught sessions, individual sessions and play.

Foxwood has access to other forms of therapy and offer play therapy, talking and drawing therapy, counselling, and ELSA.


 One to One support:


Some EHCPs have the need for one-to-one named staff written into the plan. This may be the case for mainstream schools but Foxwood are unlikely to be able to provided 121 staffing. Foxwood already have a high staff ratio, offer a bespoke curriculum and can be more flexible in its approach. We recommend that you contact the ICDS or the school directly if you wish to discuss this further.




More about Elsa, and some useful resources can be found by clicking the link below:


ELSA- Presentation-

social and emotional leaflets

A can do 'CAN' is basically a can or jar where you ask your child to write on slips of paper and pop it into the can. These are things they CAN DO'



Many children start Foxwood with their own private therapists. These sessions can continue out of school but it is unlikely that the private facilitators will be able to come in and take children out of class for sessions. We will of course work with all professionals around the children.