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Group 3

Group 3 is one of the five 14-19 classes and is part of Pathway 2 within the Academy. At present there are 10 students within the group: 4 females and 6 males who are aged between 14-17 years.

The students within group 3 are working in the following ranges:

Maths: Entry Level 2/3

English: Entry Level 2

Science: Entry Level 2/3

There is a varied mix of characters within the group, who all bring something interesting and unique to the group’s dynamic. Special interests of the students in group 3 include football, makeup and hair, tv talent shows, reading, maths, IT and cycling.


Some of our students go to after school clubs like the running club and all enjoy participating in assemblies on a Friday morning.

There are 4 members of staff: Janet Smith (Class teacher), Heather Bromley (Class teacher) and Caitlin Bradbury (Teaching Assistant).

The students follow a varied curriculum which includes subject specific academic lessons as well as a Preparing for Adulthood curriculum which focuses on Community, Independence, Employment and Health. These lessons are a mix of task specific life skills and academic skills within real life contexts, so students can practice English and Maths in meaningful contexts.

The students usually use the Academy’s facilities for their various subjects e.g. Science room, ICT suite, kitchen and go out of the Academy for community and independence lessons. However due to Covid19 Students have been restricted to using their tutor room as a base for most learning. In employment lessons students are either working on landscaping, catering or on hair and beauty. Most of these take place on site but for the hair and beauty course students visit a local college.

Staff consult with a range of professionals including occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists and the school nurse for general help and guidance to support the students’ individual needs.

Communication between home and the Academy is especially important. Students’ planners are checked each morning and a note is written most days. Contact is sometimes by email or phone or due to Covid via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

When our pupils leave Foxwood many choose to move on to a local college.

Group 3 are a happy, settled group and respond well to learning. They are a friendly group of students who promote a happy learning environment.


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