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Group 5 is one of the five 14-19 classes and is part of the Pathway 1 within the Academy. At present there are 4 students within the group: one female and three male, all aged 14-17 years.

English, Maths and Science Working at Entry Level 1 and 2

The students in Group 5 have additional needs related to communication, social interaction, learning difficulties and independence skills. Each student has their own character which makes our class environment happy, cheerful, and stimulating. We enjoy each other’s company and support each other.

There are 4 members of staff, Robert Bayliss (Class teacher) and Angie Potter (Head of Care) and the class is supported by 2 support staff, Kerry Riley (Teaching Assistant) and Jake Whelport (Teaching Assistant).

The students’ curriculum in the classroom is based on the students’ various needs as well as ensuring they gain the skills needed to move on into adult life and further education.

This year students will continue with the Preparing for Adulthood curriculum which develops skills, knowledge and understanding within Employment, Community, Independence and Health.

Within our Community sessions we believe that it is extremely important to provide our students in Group 5 with as many opportunities to develop their confidence in a range of community settings. Throughout the year we plan to go to different places such as shops, cafes, garden centres, etc. Having access to these different places will encourage the development of different skills such as communication, understanding expected behaviour whilst out in the community, working with money and shopping lists and many more. In our Health sessions throughout the year we will be focusing on developing independence skills. Students will learn about showering and other personal hygiene skills such as brushing teeth and hair. We will also be focusing on planning and preparing a healthy meal: using simple recipes, writing a shopping list, going shopping for the ingredients, preparing the meal itself and then tidying up to finish. These skills are vital for our students in Group 5 and we hope that they will continue into adulthood and further education.

In Independence some of the students will be travel training: going out and about on the school mini-bus, walking and crossing roads and using public transport. They will visit supermarkets, cafes, the library, other shops and parks. The travel training curriculum isl ed by a subject specific member of staff to support our students to achieve the different levels of the Titan awards.

Throughout the rest of the curriculum we will be focusing on developing basic Maths and English skills: working towards OCR units such as working with numbers and developing our communication and writing skills. These will all be taught in a cross curricular and stimulating way to ensure that not only do our students develop these skills which will beneficial in the future but also have an enjoyment for learning.

The students in Group 5 will also carry out Physical Education sessions focusing on different aspects of fundamentals of physical activity. They also participate in lessons focusing on art, creative and computing.

A typical day in Group 5 consists of arriving to the classroom and being supported to put away belongings and practice personal hygiene skills such as brushing teeth and washing hands. Students greet each other and their staff and work on communication and interaction skills by asking how everyone is and if they had a nice evening. This is then followed by watching Newsround and thinking about the events that are happening in the UK and the world. The students will then carry out their formal lessons supported by the staff within the class. Throughout the school day all students are supported to develop their individual targets relating to their communication, academic and behavioural needs. Throughout all of this we ensure that the classroom is a happy and lively environment full of laughter and care.


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