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PE and Sports Grant 2022-2023


Most schools with Primary aged students receive the primary Sport Premium. The amount is calculated based upon the number of students aged between 5-10 on role. This funding is used to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of physical education (PE), physical activity and sport we offer.

One of the key aims of our sport and fitness provision at Primary students at Foxwood is to encourage participation and enthusiasm, and to begin to develop an engagement with exercise that can grow throughout the student’s school career. We do this by providing a wide range of activities that children of all abilities can participate in. Games clubs are available at lunch times to help pupils develop their communication and provide pupils the opportunity to participate in a wide-range of extra-curricular opportunities.

The Primary Sports Funding, we receive as an academy enables us to provide the students with a range of more adventurous activities too. It provides funding for travel to and from horse riding sessions which are led by RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association), Swimming sessions at Bramcote Leisure Centre led by qualified instructors, and also the cost of maintaining and updating PE equipment and resources to ensure that all students can access PE activities.  

We are able to provide additional training to our staff that deliver physical activity to the Primary Students to ensure high quality sessions that are consistent across the phase.

This year at Foxwood Academy we will have 31 Primary students and have been allocated £16,260 of PE and Sport Premium funding.

The primary pupils at Foxwood Academy have a range of abilities and vary in their levels of mobility. It is important to provide them with a variety of sporting activities such as Horse Riding and Swimming which both provide an opportunity for students to participate in a supported way. The use of qualified professionals to lead the sessions alongside staff ensures that the students are receiving provision of the highest quality. The sensory opportunities offered by horse riding and swimming enhance the enjoyment of sporting activity and can often contribute to the development of language or communication skills. Sport contributes to the development of muscle tone and gross and fine motor skills which supports the learning in other areas of the curriculum.

Providing the students with a wide variety of active sessions allows all students to find something they enjoy and gives opportunities for them to find their strengths. Fostering this love of an active lifestyle now prepares our students for a fulfilling and active adulthood.   



Primary Swimming achievement for Year 6 students 2022 -2023

Students take part in swimming lessons from February-July every year and we have 45 minutes in the pool being taught by Nottinghamshire Schools Swimming Service.


Our 2022-2023 Year 6 data:

Schools are required to publish information on the percentage of their pupils in year 6 who met each of the 3 swimming and water safety national curriculum requirements. 


Number of year 6 students 2022-2023

Percentage achieving this requirement. 

swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres 



use a range of strokes effectively 



perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations 




At Foxwood we use the Treasure Chest award scheme used by Notts School Swimming service. This has 8 levels, with level 8 being representative of the standards above.

Last year the Year 6 students achieved the following: 


Number of year 6 students 2022-2023

Percentage achieving this requirement. 

Award 1 



Award 2 = 4


Award 3


Award 4


Award 5 


Award 6 = 1


Award 7 = 1


Award 8 = 2



 PE and Sports Grant 2021-2022

The Foxwood Academy allocation of Primary Sport funding for 2021-2022 was £16,260

This was used to support the children in the Primary phase in the following ways:





Sports coaching and mentoring Specialist


Olympic GB sports athlete, youth sport trust membership, play in a day


Organising events with former and current Great British athletes to come into the school and lead physical activity workshops helps inspire our pupils to participate in physical activity both in and outside of school.



Ball pumps, judo mats, cones, skipping ropes, beanbags, trophy and medals, Spot set, batting tees, snow machine, party box, speakers, marquee, iPads, sensory equipment,


Increased exposure to a wider range of sports and PE activities within curriculum time with high quality and appropriate equipment.



Swimming sessions for primary pupils


Swimming sessions allow primary pupils the opportunity to learn a lifelong skill. Swimming helps develop the pupil’s heart and lungs, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture.  

Horse riding


Horse riding sessions for primary pupils


Horse riding physically strengthens the body, especially the core muscles.

Lunchtime Sports and Games clubs


Table tennis table, skittle set


Increased participation in physical activities and development of sports skills. The health benefits of these clubs have been particularly important in helping pupils maintain thirty minutes of physical activity within the school day.

Officiating Resources


Stopwatches, measuring tapes, whistles.


Development of officiating skills in a variety of sports/games settings. Understanding of the rules of games and discipline have been evident in some of the behaviours.

High quality sports equipment


Dodgeballs, Tennis Rackets, Tennis balls, Footballs, Balance bike repairs, Windballs, Cricket bats, Badminton equipment, Basketballs


High quality equipment for PE and sports games ensure that sport and fitness is valued by pupils and staff. Enables pupils to develop skills.


Total spent £16,210.38