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Group 4

Group 4 is one of the six KS4/KS5 classes and is part of the Semi-Formal pathway within the Academy. At present there are 10 students within the group; 6 male and 4 female, who are aged between fourteen and nineteen years.

The students in Group 4 are working within the following ranges:

English Entry Level 1 to Entry Level 3

Maths Entry Level 1 to Entry Level 3

Science: Entry Level 1 to Entry Level 3

The students in the group all have complex needs and communication needs. Most of the students are on the Autistic spectrum and need visual timetables to support this and also have limited reading skills. All of the students have a happy disposition and I am pleased to say that with support they all work hard at their studies.

There are three members of staff in Group 4. Mr Kevin Franklin – Class Tutor Monday to Friday. Group 4 also have 2 Part-time Teaching Assistants, Susan Farnsworth (Monday and Friday) and Abbey Gimson (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Our Students access a full curriculum, some of which is taught in their tutor room, other specialist subjects are taught in subject specific environments, e.g. Physical Education, Art and Computing.

All students will also access community and employability opportunities, this is currently 'Sweet Treats'. They also go out into the local community to access facilities such as shops and places of interest to practice life skills, road safety and to gain confidence when out in the community. All the students follow differentiated accredited courses and they can build up credits over their time in the 14-19 department which will give them qualifications at varying levels when they leave Foxwood.

We start each day in a positive way, greeting each student and asking them to share things that have happened at home, tell us how they are feeling, what they are looking forward to in the day and any worries or concerns they may have. Students will have time to discuss personal issues with tutors. Reading is an integral part of our morning. This is a time to build up positive relationships. On Thursday morning during tutor time we have the opportunity to discuss “Relationship, Sex Education”

We work closely with a range of other professionals including physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and occupational therapists. Communication between home and the Academy is especially important. Students’ planners are checked each morning and a note written from the Academy every day. When necessary tutors will phone parents/carers to discuss concerns or involve senior Academy staff if issues are of great concern.

As the students’ progress through the years 10-13 they will build up a portfolio of work that will be accredited at OCR Entry Level 1, 2 or 3. They may follow the TITAN programme of road safety and some of the students will access courses at local colleges or businesses.

Promoting independence and a good work ethic is something we are working towards as a group. We are aware of the targets set by ourselves and others and with support we strive to achieve them.


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