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Action 12 - Ready to start!

Last phonics training session before we start across primary and KS3.


Action 11 - Advice for Parents

This week we had our first parent meeting on teaching reading. We will be providing more details shortly but these slides will help you if you missed the session:

Parents Meeting - Reading March 2022.pptx



Action 10 - Staff Training on Phonics Scheme


Today was our first introduction to our new phonics scheme. Success for All. We have over 6 hours of full on training but we’re excited to be involved. 

Action 9 - Reading Intervention Tutor


We welcome Helen as our new reading intervention tutor.

Action 8 - The library van is now back


The library van is now back and is booked for regular visits.

Library Van

Action 7 – New Books


Our new phonics scheme books have arrived in school and will shortly be in the library and ready to use.

Action 6 - Story Projector


The story projector is up and is working. Staff are reading stories for children to watch and listen.

Action 5 - Preparing the Library


Checking the books and the space!

Preparing the library 1 Action 5 - Preparing the library

Action 4 – Phonics follow up training


Phonics follow up training 1 Phonics follow up training 2

Action 3 - Reading Theme Day 1


Reading Theme Day 1 - Interesting Word Day

Reading Theme Day 1

Action 2 - The story telling chair is here and in place


The story telling chair is here!                             And getting some use!

Reading Chair Reading

Action 1 - The reading cabin has arrived


Our new reading cabin has arrived!

Reading Cabin Reading Cabin interior

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