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3F is a KS3 class. At present there are six students within the class and is part of the Pre-Formal pathway within the Academy.


All learners within the class have a range of complex needs. Most have a diagnosis of ASD and ADHD, which inhibits their social, personal and independent development skills. Some of the children have limited verbal communication skills and find social interactions difficult with both peers and unfamiliar adults.


The children access most of the curriculum in their own classroom space which is a vibrant and stimulating environment; but full advantage is also taken of the Academy facilities including the sensory studio, kitchen, hall, soft play and sensory room. We follow the National curriculum which is adapted to suit each of our varied individual needs. Wherever possible we participate in group activities but much of our learning in some subjects is completed on an individual basis with support from our staff. We consolidate our learning through the TEACCH approach to learning where necessary. We love the outdoors and wherever possible we take our learning outside the classroom. It is hoped that through the range of skills we learn through our individualised curriculum that we will be able to transfer these skills to a variety of environments both in and outside of the Academy.


We start each day with activities which are set up at the class tables with numeracy and literacy games and skills for the children to choose. Whilst the children are doing these activities they read on a 1:1 basis with an adult. We then gather and begin ‘Hello Time’ in which we establish the daily timetable and welcome everyone to the Academy. A creative and multi-sensory approach to learning is adopted across all core and foundation subjects supported by the use of signs and symbols. At the moment the class seem to especially enjoy our literacy, numeracy and science sessions. We have been participating in yoga activities with the children last year and as it has been great for them we have decided to continue with it this year rotated with a sensory story and also art.  3F focus on developing our independent reading and writing skills in a way which suits our individual needs this is reinforced by use of visual and interactive methods, we also share as a class and practise reading at home. We have introduced a Preparing for Adulthood curriculum which develops skills, knowledge and understanding within Employment, Community, Independence and Health. It is hoped that through the range of skills we learn through our curriculum that we will be able to again transfer these skills to a variety of environments both in and outside of the Academy. 

Communication between home and the Academy is especially important. Students’ planners are checked each morning and a note written from the Academy every day.


By providing a fun, safe and engaging environment the students in 3F are enabled to succeed and achieve. This is celebrated on a daily basis and is further recognised by our ‘Star of the Week’ award.


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