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Staff Research Projects

We value and believe in the importance of being a research informed Academy. Being aware of research and its impacts on our day to day work with our children and young people is essential. All class-based support staff, and many of the teaching staff, have a research driven objective as part of their annual Appraisal and Capability cycle. Individual staff choose to research at one of three different levels: 

Bronze I have looked at this research, I have reflected on it and my opinions are as follows.  

Silver I have looked at this research, I have reflected on it, I have informally presented and prepared a one-page view for staff.  

Gold I’ve found this research, I’ve tested it (appropriately, with consent and safely) and I’ve found the following. I’ve presented it and I’ve written a page view with recommendations. 


Examples of some of the research this academic year include:  

Primary Phase includes the projects ‘Improving standards of comprehension in SEND settings’ and ‘Research into hyperlexia to develop understanding of this and how it can be used to support students’. 

Key Stage 3 Phase includes the project Is there a link between epilepsy and behaviour?’ 

14-19 Phase includes the projects Research into local companies/businesses who provide access to work for adults with additional needs and how young people are supported into employment’ and ‘Researching how to develop resilience in young people to support their mental health’.