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3X is one of four KS3 classes and is part of the Pathway 2 progression route across the Academy. This year there are 9 students in the class, whose ages range from 11 to 14 years of age.

Each student in 3X is unique and each bring their own special character which is celebrated in the class. There are a range of diagnoses in the class including ADHD, ASD along with a selection of sensory needs.

There are 4 members of staff in 3X: Janet Smith (Teacher) Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Nikki Glover (Teacher Thursday and Friday) Paige Fitzsimmons (Teaching Assistant) Joe Barlow (teaching assistant) and Abbey Eastwood (Apprentice Teaching Assistant)

Students in 3X move between classrooms for different subjects. They go to the computer suite, science lab and art room and will be taught by specialist teachers in these subjects. PE is either in the hall or in the school grounds and again is taught by a specialist teacher. Reading books are sent home with students and staff encourage parents to read with their child daily.

Students start the day with registration and time to settle before the day begins. They then go to phonics which is individual groups for each student. After phonics they start their first lesson of the day before break time at 10.40. After break time it is their second lesson before lunch time. There are two more lessons in the afternoon before the day finishes at 3.30 (3.10 on a Wednesday) The Preparing for Adulthood curriculum develops skills, knowledge and understanding within four key strands (Health, Community, Employment and Independence) Students are often out in the community working on their Independence and at some stage of the school year, will have TITAN lessons which encourages independent travelling. The aim of these lessons is for students to be safe crossing roads and eventually, independent travelling to school. There are after school clubs – often two a week for KS3 students to attend. These differ from term to term but can include computer club, sports club, games club and cycling club.

Communication is key between home and school and staff welcome the opportunity to speak with parents/carers. Students have a planner where information is communicated between home and school and parents/carers are advised to look at these daily. Email is another form of communication between staff and home and emails will always be answered when staff are able to.

Staff are keen for our young students to benefit from all aspects of school life and a safe and happy environment is what staff strife towards. Students in 3X know what the expectations are in school, and we nurture this as well as the academic side of school life. We celebrate achievements of students and have our Worth a Mention each week for students who we feel have worked above and beyond what is expected from them and who has shown the character trait of that week.


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