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3X is a KS3, Pathway 2 Class. We have 11 students in the class and are based in room 7. There are 7 boys and 4 girls in the class. We are supported by two full time support staff.

We understand that the students have a range of learning needs, and all staff are aware of their individual needs. We have put into place behaviour plans and work closely with other professionals to support the students and create a positive and safe learning environment for all our students.

The children are mostly based in the classroom but move around the academy to be taught by specialist tutors in subjects such as Art, Science, Computing and PE. 3X are taught English three times a week by their tutor. Our class benefit from an additional workspace just outside the classroom where small group or 1:1 intervention work can be carried out. Some of our students also access this space when they require some time to regulate or co-regulate. The children have their individual targets displayed on the wall, alongside our Zones of Regulation display to help them identify how they are feeling. The students have a visual timetable in our classroom which they have access to throughout the day.

We have a positive approach to behaviour and character strengths are identified during the school days. The children are rewarded with a positive behaviour point which will earn reward time. Each week during assembly, a student is recognised for work or behaviour that is ‘worth a mention’. 

During tutor time, the students have different activities to help them become focused and ready for learning. These include reading, world news, RSE and weekend work. The register is undertaken during this time. On Friday mornings, students participate in assembly.

Communication between home and the Academy is crucial to support our students. Planners are checked each morning and we encourage parents to correspond with us via the planner. You may also contact us via telephone or email should the matter require urgent attention and we will respond as soon as possible.

We are very excited and look forward to a great year ahead.


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