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Hedgehogs is one of four Primary classes and is part of the Pathway 1 progression route across Foxwood Academy. At present there are eight students within the class; six boys and two girls aged between 6 and eleven years of age. Pupils in this class have a range of diagnoses including ASC and Epilepsy; quite often the students also have complex sensory profiles. We pride ourselves on knowing our students as the unique individuals they are and celebrating all their achievements whether these are social, emotional, or academic.   

There are 4 members of staff in Hedgehogs each day; Robbie Jones (Teacher Monday) Helen Mackenzie (Teacher Tuesday - Friday) Angie Potter (TA Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) Beverley Verney (TA Tuesday and Friday) Harry Peacock (Classroom Apprentice) and Shelby Iliffe (Classroom Apprentice)

All staff work together to ensure that planning, delivery and learning approaches are consistent. We work closely with a range of other professionals given the nature of need in Hedgehogs including a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, and physiotherapist. Their input is focused and will usually result in a personalised programme or plan being devised.  

Hedgehogs are class based in their own large space with an attached care suite with a shower. Our learning environment is linked to our half-termly topics and has specific areas for sensory play, role-play, reading, calm time, group work and much more. Learning in Hedgehogs is mainly play-based and investigative so pupils can lead their learning and become more independent. By providing a fun, safe and engaging environment, the students in Hedgehogs are enabled to succeed and achieve. Full advantage is also taken of other Academy facilities including the hall, sensory garden, and sensory therapy rooms. The class also have regular opportunities to venture off-site to enhance their learning.   

Hedgehogs class benefit from a nurturing and a calm atmosphere to help them build their confidence and feel supported in their development. The students in Hedgehogs are working towards Key Stage End Points (KSEPs) in all core and non-core subjects as well as the Preparing for Adulthood Curriculum. It is hoped these KSEPs will be achieved by the end of Key Stage 2, when the students are eleven years of age.  

Communication between home and school is especially important. Staff make regular calls home and students’ planners are checked each day and a note written from the Academy. Classroom staff are always happy to talk with parents and carers at times that are convenient for all. Class DoJo is also used to communicate and share regular updates including use of photographs of our students’ achievements.