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3O is one of the four KS3 classes and is part of Pathway 2 within the Academy. At present there are 8 students within the class; made up of 5 girls and 3 boys. 

3O have a range of diagnosis including ASD, and a variety of other conditions. Students have a variety of learning needs including communication, social interaction and self-help skills. A small percentage of students have more complex needs. 3O has some big personalities and some children who are more reserved. They work very well together and are supportive of each other. They all work very hard at their studies and collect their dojos for showing our different character strengths. They have a good sense of humour and enjoy using role play to demonstrate their ideas.


There are three members of staff in 3O: Miss Anna Breeze (Teacher, full time) Miss Willow Piggott-Gardner (Teaching Assistant, full time) Anji Bonser (Teaching Assistant, Tuesday-Friday), Eve Girvan (Teaching Assistant, Monday and Wednesday). On a Wednesday Eve works out of class and supports children in 30 with intervention programs.  The Children have a specialist teacher for PE.


The children access most of the curriculum in their own classroom space which is a stimulating environment; they take advantage of the Academy facilities including the hall and soft-play. They also use our specialist rooms for Art, D&T, Science and the computer suite.  We are continuing with our Preparing for Adulthood curriculum which develops skills, knowledge and understanding within Employment, Community, Independence and Health. They follow the new national curriculum for literacy, maths and science.


In literacy we are looking at the topics “For the birds” and “English through media” during the first term. Moving on to “Autobiographies and famous author” We have chosen to look at the author Julia Donaldson as we enjoy her stories in class. We have ongoing number, shape geometry and statics throughout the year.  


Our morning routine is to have registration and look at the timetable for the day. We check in with how we are feeling using our zones of regulation board and see what we can learning trait we are looking for that day. Some students then go for their daily physio exercises, whilst the rest have range of activities working on basic skills such as ordering numbers; doing zips and buttons or practising our letter formation. A multi-sensory approach to learning is adopted across the curriculum supported by the use of signs and symbols. We have a positive approach to behaviour and learning attributes are celebrated each day achieving dojos as recognition of showing our key learning traits. There is a star of the week in assembly each week. Within 3O we also have a WOW work of the week where fantastic examples of work are displayed for everyone to see. The children can choose a prize from the prize tin.


We work closely with a range of other professionals given the nature of need in 30 including sessions with a speech and language therapist and the nurse. Communication between home and the Academy is especially important. Students’ planners are checked each morning and a note written from the Academy every day. If a parent requests a phone call about an issue then we endeavour to make that the same day.


Students who make good progress throughout the year may move onto a higher ability key stage 3 class the following year. Those moving into 14-19 generally move into either Group 3 or 4.




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