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Careers & Employability Offer

Preparing our young people for life beyond Foxwood has always been central to the work we do. Foxwood has a long and successful history of helping students develop their understanding about the world of work.


We regularly post upcoming events such as transition fairs, college open days and Employers' events on our school Facebook page. Please follow and check the page for regular updates.  


The following links outline and give further details of:

1) Foxwood's Careers Strategy  which reflects the Government's Careers Strategy (December 2017): “making the most of everyone’s skills and talents” and

2) Gatsby Benchmarks 'What Good Provision Looks Like' at Foxwood



Gatsby Benchmark & Compass+

The Government's Careers Strategy (December 2017) has given us the opportunity to review our offer using the Compass Toolkit and to develop it further to ensure we are covering all of the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks.

The careers strategy is part of the government’s plan to make Britain fairer, improve social mobility and offer opportunity to everyone.

Gatsby Benchmarks

Benchmark 1: A stable careers programme

Benchmark 2: Learning from career and labour market information Benchmark

Benchmark 3: Addressing the needs of each pupil Benchmark

Benchmark 4: Linking curriculum learning to careers Benchmark

Benchmark 5: Encounters with employers and employees Benchmark

Benchmark 6: Experiences of workplaces Benchmark

Benchmark 7: Encounters with further and higher education Benchmark

Benchmark 8: Personal guidance


We are delighted that last academic year we scored 100% in each of the benchmarking criteria - this is an excellent achievement and we are very proud of our children, young people and provision.

Our designated careers leader reviews our careers programme termly as part of our Compass report, reviewing how we are meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks. Our next review will be December 2023. 

Gatsby Benchmarks July 2023

The Academy has a designated Careers Leader, Laura Wright, whose role is to co-ordinate all the careers and employability activities across the Academy.

Email:  Telephone: 0115 9177202.


In addition to the work done within the classroom, all students in Year 8 and above have access to independent impartial careers advice and guidance from a fully qualified and registered Careers Advisor, Lynn Addison Ideas4Careers Ltd.


Management of provider access requests:

This section sets out the school’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to pupils at the school for the purpose of giving them information about the provider’s education or training offer. This complies with the school’s legal obligations under Section 42B of the Education Act 1997. A provider wishing to request access should contact the school's careers leader. 


To apply for access to be a provider please view the document here


Monitoring, Review and Evaluation:

Evaluations with students, teachers, parents/carers and providers take place after career-related events so we can assess the effectiveness and impact of the event. Evaluations are carried out and will take the form of questionnaires, evaluation forms, and feedback on aspects of the programme, as required. Assessment in Employment lessons takes place through verbal feedback, observation and written assessment. Each pupil will have a record of the activities they have participated in relating to careers. Each individual student also has a careers plan which follows them through school. This is created during their 1:1 career interviews with our independent careers advisor and updated annually. This plan is also monitored and use by teachers during tutor times and employment specific lessons. 


Our Supported Internships/Work Related Learning information can be found here


This information will be reviewed in January 2024.

Links to further information:

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