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Virtual Tour

You can use the virtual tour to have a look around the Academy in your own time or you can book on one of our teacher tours. The teacher tours are usually on a Friday afternoon.

We understand that this is not always an ideal time for everyone so if you would like a virtual tour at another time please contact school reception. 

We recommend that all parents and carers complete a virtual tour first followed by a parent/carer only visit.

To avoid confusion, we ask that children and young people do not visit the Academy until the ICDS has confirmed a place.


Press on the image below to access the 360-degree tour of the Academy.



Everything we do at Foxwood develops the personal and emotional wellbeing of our children and young people.

We want them to experience residential visits, trips, theatre, pantomime, music, dance, art, inspirational people, role models from the neurodiverse community, clubs and people.

We have an aim to give our children more cultural and art experiences than their parents or carers ever had.... We're on our way!

Here are some of the examples – please contact us for any information.


Important* You have given us permission to use your photograph, Thank you!

We will review this every year BUT if you want us to remove it please contact the Academy Business Manager at or phone 0115 9177202  and we will do so.