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Headteacher Message


Welcome to Foxwood Academy and welcome to our website.


Hopefully you will find all of the information you need on our site but if you have any specific questions you can contact us directly at the Academy.

The children, young people and staff here are remarkable. We have just over 100 children and young people and approximately 50 staff. Our youngest children start at age 4 and our oldest leave us at 18.

We have a very strong set of core values here at Foxwood that guide us in every decision and action that we take. We believe in:


Education – that every child with a special educational need deserves the best possible education available provided by the best teachers in the best schools and Academies.


Independence – That every child and young person is given the opportunity to be as independent as they possibly can be.


Celebration – That the children and young people should be happy here and celebrate their part in our community.


Learning for Life – That Foxwood is a stepping-stone to bright futures.  Futures where young adults can be happy, healthy, independent, and play an active part in society.


Our curriculum is rich and varied. Children follow core, non-core and a curriculum dedicated to preparing them for adulthood. We have a thriving Art department and we aim to immerse our children in the arts, sport and culture.

In our lessons the children learn, remember and apply. They build relationships and resilience and hopefully take these with them into their futures.

Information letters and newsletters can be found by clicking on the ‘News and social Media’ tile. I recommend having a look at our Facebook page or taking a virtual tour where you can see pictures and videos of Foxwood. You can also find useful information for parents on health and well-being, training, mental health and coping with Covid-19.


Kind regards


James Hutchinson 



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