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Atlantis is one of the five 14-19 classes and is part of Pathway 3 within the Academy.  There are 10 students in the group: All males whose ages range from 14 to 18 years old.

The students in Atlantis are working within the following ranges:

English: Entry Level 2 - Level 1

Maths: Entry Level 2 - Level 1

Science: AQA Entry Level Single Science & AQA Single Science Chemistry GCSE


Students in the class have a range of learning needs. These include needs relating to communication, social interaction, self-regulation, and anxiety.  Many of the class have a diagnosis of autism.  The students in Atlantis have a lovely mix of personalities and a variety of interests which include TV shows, art, make-up, legos, dogs, the army, gaming, music, building and fixing, and Warhammer. The students are engaging and fun. They like to share their experiences and knowledge with each other and do so with the confidence they will be shown interest and respect.

There are 2 members of staff in Atlantis.  They are Andrew Craze (Teacher) and Lisa Norris (Teaching Assistant).

The students access the curriculum in various areas of the Academy.  The timetabled lessons include Maths, English, Science, Computing, E-safety, Art, Music, and P.E. In addition, they also access a Preparing for Adulthood curriculum which develops skills, knowledge, and understanding within Employment, Community, Independence, and Health. In Employment lessons, students are either working on landscaping, catering, supporting the community, or the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Our reward system is based on developing character strengths and encourages intrinsic motivation. 

The first half hour of every day is tutor time.  As students arrive they check in using Zones of Regulation so staff know how they are feeling and can identify if students need to talk. During the rest of the session, there are activities that support students’ reading, SRE, humanities subjects, numeracy, social skills, or knowledge of the world around them.  These activities help students work towards the targets set at their last EHCP review meeting.  On Monday mornings Atlantis participates in an assembly.

Students in Atlantis are currently working hard towards accreditations in the core subjects, and many are considering their future.  They are supported in this with both internal and external career advice.  Students often move on to college or to a supported internship.  At present, some of our students are involved in a work experience program that runs parallel to their classroom lessons.


We work closely with a range of other professionals, including an Occupational Therapist, a Speech and Language Therapist, CAMHS therapists, and a physiotherapist who visit Foxwood.  Communication between home and the Academy is encouraged: students’ planners are checked each morning for parental messages and, at times, a note is written by staff to inform parents of any important or interesting issues.  Staff are always available for parents to talk to about any concerns relating to their child.


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