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    NUH Sexual Health - Training dates

    25 February 2021 (by admin)

    These 3 hour online courses are part of Nottingham Sexual Health Service multi-agency training programme aimed at any staff, volunteers and carers working with or supporting young people

    Please find detail below of new training dates from Nottingham Sexual Health Service, Outreach and Health Promotion Team

    These 3 hour online courses are part of our multi-agency training programme aimed at any staff, volunteers and carers working with or supporting young people. Training is FREE to all those working in Nottingham City and Southern Boroughs (Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe).  Training is delivered online using MS Teams, an invite with the link will be sent out to all participants via email.


    Extra training date

    Gender & Sexual Minorities (GSM), Thursday 4th March, 9:30-12:30, MS Teams



    This training aims to raise awareness of Gender and Sexual Minorities (GSM). It will challenge myths, prejudices and assumptions in order to ensure that all those working with or supporting young people treat those in their care consistently and with equality and respect, ensuring inclusive RSE which is affirmational of gender diversity.


    Learning Outcomes:

    • By the end of the training participants will:
    • Be able to understand some of the difficulties and oppression faced by people from GSM communities, particularly within an educational setting.
    • Understand how individual attitudes and values may impact upon work with young people.
    • Be able to consider ways of challenging trans phobic and homophobic language and behaviour within an educational setting.


    Sexual Minorities are groups of people whose sexual orientation, gender identity or sexual characteristics are different from the presumed majority of the population, which are male or female heterosexuals.  Do you know what LGGBBTTQQIAAPP means?  The act of politically re grouping all non- heterosexual and non-cisgender people into the LGBT acronym is growing and forever changing but can create confusion for those not in the know.  This course will also explain current language and terminology.


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    He Said, She Said – Young People and Sexual Consent, Monday 8th March, 9:30-12:30, MS Teams


    If only sexual consent was as easy as saying yes or no. Unfortunately the reality for many young people is not nearly as clear!  This course will explore ways of working with young people to ensure that they are really clear about gaining or refusing sexual consent and how it might be done in a sex positive way, in order to keep young people safe.


    By the end of this course participants will:

    • Have an understanding of the law in relation to consensual sex and rape.
    • Have explored ways to create a safe environment to discuss social and cultural norms, values and attitudes in relation to rape and sexual assault.
    • Have had an opportunity to view a variety of current resources.
    • Be aware of support services and how to signpost.

    Whilst statistics vary, we do know that the majority of communication between people of all ages is non-verbal. In addition, the majority of young people rarely plan first sex, a significant proportion are drunk or have used substances which may impact upon their ability to read a situation and for many, their reality is that sex is spontaneous and opportunistic. Discussing and being clear about sexual consent and what they are consenting to may not be at the top of their list.


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    Future Dates:

    24th March 2021, 9:30-12:30: CSE and Young People with Learning Disabilities, details to follow.

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