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Outspoken is the voted title given to our school council. The group was formed to enable students and staff to discuss important issues affecting the Academy. The group meet each Tuesday lunchtime for 30 minutes. Every alternate Tuesday, the group do the recycling for each classroom, including the office and staff room.

The group is made up of representatives from all 14-19 classes, and some pupils from KS3. At the start of each year, each class votes for their representative and members can change termly or stay the full year.

We are involved in fundraising, special interest days, and help out in assemblies. We sometimes work with charities from outside school. Members provide a voice for their classes

Staff members are Janet Smith and Karen Hicklin.

Student members:

Emily, Joseph, Liam, Elliot, Tyler, Chloe, Nathan, Jasmin

Outspoken News and Meetings

Thursday 22nd October 2015

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Present – Val, Tony, , Kieran, Declan, Thomas, Coree, Shaun, Joseph, Adam, Owen .

Is Outspoken involved with the Christmas fayre or shall they help within their groups and be responsible for taking films/photos?

Group 2 were giving group 1 some ideas the the fayre.

January 21st – Around the World Day


Each class could choose a country from the list below to explore/investigate/experience during the day.

France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Sweden, China, India, Egypt, Greece, Jamaica, America, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, Mexico, Italy, Spain.

Joining up with another school in another country. Maths challenge around the world.

Designing a new national costume.

Do we let them experience a few countries in the morning then concentrate on their own in the afternoon?

Sports Week

Liam in group 2 read an article about fitness in schools and how it helped students. This could be weekly to help students exercise. Maybe Outspoken could be ambassadors for this fitness scheme. Walking through to running a mile?

Next meeting – Thursday 5th November-

Thursday 15th October 2015

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Present – Val, Tony, Sam, Kieron, Declan, Thomas, Coree, Shaun, Joseph, Emily.

Sam told the group about his plans for Sports Week (July 18th week)

Monday – opening ceremony

Tuesday and Thursday -Sports Days

Wednesday – Boccia final and presentation

Friday – Final assembly.

Sam asked if Outspoken could help with the opening ceremony. Having the pupils in their Sports groups – red, yellow, blue and green, 14-19 groups and KS1,2 and 3 groups.

Maybe helping to make resources in the morning e.g. Olympic torches, bunting, banners, posters etc all ready for the groups to open the ceremony in the afternoon. Outspoken were very excited about this and look forward to the summer term.

Declan is to take photos/videos of the next football matches.

Every room now has a recycling box which group 2 designed and laminated the labels for. Group 2 are going to collect them on a Monday afternoon. They would like to weigh them and keep a record of each class and the amounts collected.

Andy asked in the SLT meeting if Thursday 21st January was ok for our Outspoken ‘Around the World Day’. This was approved.

Outspoken may be able to do some filming at the Christmas Fayre, and try some camera/ filming ready for the presentation evening.

We would like to ask Paul or Andy to come to one of our meetings to give us some help and guidance with camera work.

Next meeting – Thursday 22nd October-

Thursday 8th October Meeting

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Present – Val, Tony, Kieron, Declan, Thomas, Coree, Shaun, Joseph, Emily , Adam, Megan.

Welcome to the new members – 3S – Adam H and Megan A

Photographs were taken at Zoolab by Kieron. Unfortunately group 1 were very busy serving at the MacMillan Coffee day so did not have any time to take photos. Staff have been asked if they can share photos if they have any. Paul has started up an area to put presentation evening photos in ‘events’.

Declan has volunteered to do the camera work for the upcoming football match, Sam has agreed to take him with the team in the minibus. Tutors will be asked when we know dates and times. Sam told us there are also rugby, basketball, and swimming tournaments coming up.

Recycling- new boxes have been bought, Coree will be in charge of the design of the new cover and labels. They will be delivered to the rooms on Monday pm and will be collected on either a Thursday or Friday in registration by group 2.

Tony took photographs of the group for Anji Bonser’s ‘Outspoken’ display board in the dining corridor.

It was decided if possible to have a Theme day during the Spring term -

Thursday 21st January - Around the World Day

Ideas –

Food from around the world, Design a menu

Round the world dance/movement e.g. New Zealand rugby team dance.

Dress/costume Sports/flags/currency/animals

Learn a language Thomas and Coree would like to design posters and competitions.

During the Summer Term – Ideas

During the Sports Week having a day of unusual or different new sports to try:

Golf, crocket, volleyball, handball, table tennis, tennis etc.

We may be involved in World Book Day and the Shakespeare week in March – more to come.

Next meeting – Thursday 15th October

Thursday 1st October 2015

admin on: Outspoken News and Meetings

Thursday 1st October Meeting

Present – Val, Tony, Kieron, Declan, Thomas, Coree, Shaun, Joseph, Emily

Welcome to the new members –

Group 1 – Declan W and Kieron Y

Group 2 – Thomas W and Coree W

Group 3- Emily K

Group 4/5 – Joseph S, Shaun C, (Darian M)

3S – To be decided by next meeting

The presentation evening was discussed. It was asked when Foxwood would be having a new talent show like we have had in the past, this gave us an idea for the title of the presentation: either ‘The Foxwood Factor’ or ‘Foxwood’s Got Talent’.

We want to get photographs or videos of all the activities that go on in Foxwood throughout the year. Tony is to email Paul for help about which cameras to use etc.

On Friday we have Zoolab and Kieron is going during the morning to take photographs. Next Wednesday is the MacMillons Cake Day and Declan and Kieron are to take photos. We will need to organise when Outspoken and 3S can have some technical guidance from Andy.

Outspoken would like to continue with recycling and add more containers in classrooms etc. We would like to start recycling again next week and Group 1 will start until half term and then cascade their knowledge to Group 2 who will do it for the next half term – we may need to do more than 1 collection each week as we would like to have some new recycling containers.

Group 1 – workshop Group 2 – Room 9 Group 3 – room 6 (needs one) Group 4/5 – learning centre 3S – Art room (needs one) Office Broxtowe , staffroom and 3 photocopiers (need one)

We may need to replace some of the existing containers as they are broken, and buy new ones.

The Presentation films will be on standby for Handprint.

Next meeting – Thursday 8th October-

Theme Day – Thursday 21st January?

Around the World Day, Reduce. Renew, recycle day, Royalty Day etc.

Wed 9th September 2015

admin on: Outspoken News and Meetings

Present – Val, Tony, George, Ben, Jamie, Coree, James, Pavan,

Absent –Kieron

Val explained about the safeguarding meeting on Friday 11-11.30 am in the workshop. An email will be sent out to the form tutors explaining about the time and place.

Outspoken will be moved from next week to Thursday room 9 at 12.30-1pm due to a clash with football club.

In Handprint next week the elections for Outspoken will be explained. Val will do a general introduction, Outspoken members will tell about their favourite moments and Tony will explain about the voting procedure. It is hoped to announce the new members in next week’s Handprint. The groups attending Handprint have changed this year to Group 1, 2, 3, 4, and 3S. These classes will be eligible to be members of Outspoken.

Andy Curzon asked Val if Outspoken would be willing to help with the presentation evening this year. This was discussed and the members were all in agreement and enthusiastic about the project. Andy is also going to show 3S and the Outspoken members how to use some of the technical equipment to help with assemblies and filming etc.

It was asked if pupils could see the presentation evening films as they did not see them if they weren’t there on the night. Could they be available on the computer?

Outspoken would like to continue with recycling and add more containers in classrooms etc.

They would like to have a theme day a term e.g. Around the World Day, Reduce. Renew, recycle day, Royalty Day etc.

Next meeting – Thursday 17th September - voting for membership, recycling, themes etc.

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