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Outspoken is the voted title given to our school council. The group was formed to enable students and staff to discuss important issues affecting the Academy. The group meet each Tuesday lunchtime for 30 minutes. Every alternate Tuesday, the group do the recycling for each classroom, including the office and staff room.

The group is made up of representatives from all 14-19 classes, and some pupils from KS3. At the start of each year, each class votes for their representative and members can change termly or stay the full year.

We are involved in fundraising, special interest days, and help out in assemblies. We sometimes work with charities from outside school. Members provide a voice for their classes

Staff members are Janet Smith and Karen Hicklin.

Student members:

Emily, Joseph, Liam, Elliot, Tyler, Chloe, Nathan, Jasmin


Thursday 19th November Meeting

Posted: Mar 23, 2016 by: admin on: Outspoken News and Meetings

Present – Val, Tony, Kieran, Declan, Thomas, Coree, Shaun, Joseph, Emily

Val thanked Outspoken for their amazing Handprint last week. They were very informative telling 14-19 about all the projects we are doing.

January 21st – Around the World Day

Each class to have their own country. A list/poster to be put up in the staffroom on a first come first served basis.

France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Sweden, China, India, Egypt, Greece, Jamaica, America, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Iceland, Holland, Turkey.

Poster/list to be made in ICT by Group 2 on 30th November to be put up in the staffroom on 1st December. Given 1 week for completion then a grid can be made.

Each class to choose a country – a half hour activity which other classes can come round and learn about.

Own classes until 9.45 then

9.45-10.15, 10.15-10.45, Break 11.05 – 11.35, 11.35 – 12.05

A grid to be put up in the staff room to let staff choose which countries they want to visit. Maybe choose 5 countries to make sure you get 4 of your choice. 1 week of grid.


Food from around the world, Design a menu

Round the world dance/movement e.g. New Zealand rugby team dance.

Dress/costume Sports/flags/currency/animals, Learn a language

Songs, national anthem, history, animals, plants, ,geography, transport, famous people, parades, carnivals, landmarks.

Students can dress up in whatever country they want to be or as a famous person from that country etc.

If staff have 1 week to make decision about country, 1 week to make decisions of which countries to visit then we have the time in the spring term to plan activities.

In the afternoon it is hoped that as many classes as possible will continue their theme.

Next meeting – Thursday 26th November- Concentrate on ‘Round the World Day’