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Academy Policies

Foxwood Academy has a range of policies, not all are published on this site.

If there is a particular policy or aspect of Academy life you wish to see or know more about, please contact us via the Academy office.

If, as a parent or carer of a child at Foxwood Academy, you would like to request a paper copy of any information that is contained on the Academy website please contact the Academy directly, specifying the documentation that you require and we will gladly provide this for you.

 **UPDATED POLICY  - This is our updated RSE policy. It will be approved in January by the governing body but we'd appreciate your feedback if possible. 

Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) Policy 2023 website v.docx


General Policies

 Health and Safety Policy Statement.pdfDownload
 Health and Safety Policy.docxDownload
 Managing Visitors Policy.docxDownload
 Providing Remote Education Information to Parents.pdfDownload
 Public Sector Equality Duty PSED.docxDownload
 Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) Policy.docxDownload
 Safeguarding Policy.docxDownload
 SEND Policy & Information Report.docDownload
 Whistleblowing Policy.docxDownload
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GDPR Policies

 Records Management and Retention Policy - GDPR.docxDownload
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