The Hedgehogs class caters for primary aged students following the Pre-formal pathway. This class works closely with the Foxcubs and provides next steps as they enter KS2. At present there are 6 students within the class all aged between 7 and 10 years old. There are 4 boys and 2 girls.

The students in Hedgehogs are working within the following ranges:

English from P6-L1

Maths from P6-L1

Science from P5-L1

The students in Hedgehogs all have very individual needs but find companionship from each other and form good bonds. This can be seen in the small ways in which they greet each other in the morning, or sit together in the reading corner. Most of the class have complex learning needs relating to communication and social interaction. Many are starting to develop their own independence. Some of the students in Hedgehogs require additional nurture and a calm environment to help them build up to a full time schedule in school, before they then move on to a different class in Foxwood.

There are two staff members in hedgehogs: Miss Amanda-Claire Millington (Class teacher) and Ms Donna Higgins (Teaching Assistant).

Hedgehogs are class based in their own large space with an attached care suite with a shower. The classroom has various areas created to encourage independence, sensory learning and reading. Some sessions may be spent in the hall, soft play area, sensory room, sensory garden, outdoors areas or the kitchen. Hedgehogs also go out into the community to add real world experiences to their learning activities.