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Shoe Box Appeal Team 1

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As part of Operation Christmas Child (Samaritans Purse), we are collecting shoe boxes and items, to fill and send as Christmas presents. The boxes will be donated to children, around the world, who need them. We are doing this for our accreditation, which is “OCR, Working as a Team, and for our lesson. These shoe boxes will be given to children who either don’t have homes or any belongings.

Items to bring in: pencil, eraser, tooth paste, tooth brush, teddy bears, toys, small clothing.

Objects to not bring in: no second hand toys, snacks, religious items, no toys war related (toy soldiers and guns).

We need your help, to make a difference to the less unfortunate!

Our group is British Skittles

Our deadline will be on the 10/11/17

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Shoe Box Appeal Team 2

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Samaritan’s Purse UK: Shoeboxes.

Please carry on reading if you want to help children this Christmas.

Samaritans Purse is a charity which help’s children in need (in countries across Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia) across the world. They collect shoeboxes from people who want to donate to them and send them to the countries before Christmas so the children will get shoeboxes filled with items to give them a gift because for most Christmas’s they usually don’t get gifts.

Group 1 is doing this as a competition at the same time for an accreditation and to make a difference in many children’s lives this Christmas. In this country we take day to day items for granted but we understand that the children less fortunate countries will find these things special so we want to help them by giving them items that will make them happy this Christmas and to show that we care.

You can help us by sending us empty shoeboxes filled with items (You can send just a shoebox if you’re unable to gather the items). If you want to fill the items up here are items that you can include:

  • Hat, cap, gloves or scarf, sunglasses, hair accessories, jewellery set, wind up torch, wrapped sweets (best-before-date must be at least March of the following year).
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste, bars of wrapped soap, comb or hairbrush, flannel.
  • Pens, pencils & sharpeners, crayons or felt pens, stamps & ink pad sets, writing pads or notebooks & paper, solar calculators, colouring & picture books etc.

Warning. Don’t include any of these items

  • Used or damaged items, war related items such as toy guns, play soldiers or knives; chocolate or other food items; liquids or lotions of any type including bubbles; medicines; hand-made or knitted stuffed toys; anything of a political, racial or religious nature; sharp objects; glass containers, mirrors or fragile items; playing cards of the 4-suit variety; clothing other than as listed above.


If you’re interested in helping us please send your shoebox/items by the 10th of November.



Kind Regards

Group 1 (Adam, Tyler, Harry, Megan and Callum).

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