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It is the right of every student to receive a full-time education.

As a result of recent DfE changes to attendance policies, Foxwood Academy have adopted and implemented a new traffic light attendance monitoring system for attendance and that all absence from the Academy will be subject to this new system and the attendance policy.

Last Review: October 2015

Approved by Governing Body: February 2017

Next Review Due: September 2019


Behaviour This policy serves as a guide and source of reference to Foxwood Academy’s approach to behaviour. It reflects our commitment to ensure our young people progress socially and emotionally as well as academically.

Last Review: April 2017

Approved by Governing Body: July 2017

Next Review Due: April 2018


Child Protection

Foxwood Academy recognises its responsibilities for safeguarding children and young people and protecting them from harm. This Policy applies to all children on roll and acknowledges that supplementary statutory guidance will be referred to in the case of young people over the age of 18. 

Local Authority Safeguarding Procedure and Guidance link

Last Review: October 2016

Approved by Governing Body: January 2017

Next Review Due: October 2017
Health and Safety

Foxwood Academy takes its responsibility for health and safety very seriously and is committed to a programme of progressive improvement that requires input from all its employees. If you see anything during your work that gives rise to a concern you are positively encouraged to report it to your manager.

Safety is everyone's responsibility.

Last Review: Autumn Term 2015

Approved by Governing Body: March 2017

Next Review Due: Autumn Term 2017

Policy Statement



Managing Visitors

This guidance is intended to provide all staff, particularly administrative staff as to the process for managing visitors in a way that ensures the safety of children and adults on the Academy site. The responsibility for this lies with the Headteacher, senior leadership team and the governing body

This policy is currently under review following the introduction of a new reception system

Last Review: September 2016

Approved by Governing Body: 13th March 2017

Next Review Due: Spring Term 2020

Contact with students outside of the usual work context

A number of parents/carers request additional support for their children including befriending outside of normal hours. This policy is to ensure staff understand the requirements for work outside of the work contract.

Last Review: July 2014

Approved by Governing Body: November 2014

Next Review Due: November 2017

Compliments Comments and Complaints

The previous Complaints Policy has been replaced with a wide ranging policy that allows for both positive and negative comments.

Last Review: New Policy

Approved by Governing Body: July 2016

Next Review Due: July 2019



Charges and Remissions

The Governing Body aims to promote and provide a wide range of activities both as part of a broad and balanced curriculum and as additional optional activities. This policy highlights where charges will be requested.

Last Review: May 2016

Approved by Governing Body: July 2017

Next Review Due: May 2018


Access Audit and Accessibility Plan

It is the aim and intention of Foxwood Academy to fully comply with current legislation and good practice. We wish to make their premises as accessible as possible, in line with local planning policy and the obligations imposed as service providers under the Equality Act of 2010. We believe in equal opportunities for all the children, irrespective of social background, culture, race, gender, physical disabilities or ability. Foxwood Academy is committed to developing and promoting an inclusive community.

External Audit: November 2015

Next Review Due: November 2018

External Audit

Examination and Assessment

Policies relating to Examinations and Assessments Approved November 2017

Examinations Policy 2017

Internal Appeals Policy Nov 2017

Reviews of Marking (GCSE's)

Examinations Contingency Plan

Management of controlled assessments Policy 2017


Foxwood Academy has a range of policies, not all are published on this site. If there is a particular policy or aspect of academy life you wish to see or know more about, please contact us via the academy office.