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3X is a semi-formal class. We have ten students in this class and we are based in room 7. We have seven boys and three girls in the classroom. 3X are supported by a full time teaching assistant and one learning support assistant.

We have a mixed range of abilities and our support staff help access differentiated work for those who need it. The students in 3X are working within the following ranges:

English Level 1A to Level 4B  Maths Level 1B to Level 3A  Science Level 3c to Level 4a

They have a range of learning needs and their needs and staff are very much aware of their individual needs. Positive support and positive behaviour plans are put in place to create a safe and pleasant learning environment for our students. Our reward system is a very encouraging tool for our students and helps them to engage with their work and improve behaviour. We benefit from having a work station just outside our classroom where students can go should they require some time to self-regulate, with support if needed. We have clear rules displayed on the walls and also have a visual timetable which the students can utilise to support their day.

In the morning we have tutor time where there are activities, which either support literacy, numeracy, fine motor or social skills. During this time registration takes place. Students participate in assembly on Tuesday afternoons. At this time a class 'Star of The Week' is chosen and WAM prizes are awarded.

Core subjects such as Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and Science are taught by specialist teachers.

Communication between home and the Academy is vital. Students’ planners are checked each morning and we encourage parents to correspond with us via the planner. You may also contact us via telephone or school email should the matter require urgent attention and we will ensure to return the phone call as soon as possible.

We are very excited and look forward to a great year ahead.


Staff Team


Tutor: Nikki Rowlands

TA: Tracey Wood

LSA: Eve Girvan


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