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Group 5 is one of the six KS4/KS5 classes and is part of the Pre-Formal pathway within the Academy. At present there are nine students within the group; 8 male and 1 female who are aged between thirteen and nineteen years.

The students in Group 5 are working within the following ranges

English Working at Entry Level 1 to Entry Level 2

Maths Working at Entry Level 1 to Entry Level 2

The students in group 5 have additional needs related to communication, social interaction and independent skills. The range of disability include, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, and Autism. Each student has their own character which makes our class environment happy, cheerful, and stimulating and every day different. They all like interacting with adults, sitting together during circle time and helping in the classroom.  We are constantly finding different ways of being friends and working together.

There are usually five members of staff in Group 5: Mrs Emma Franklin (Teacher Monday, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday and Thursday), Mrs Nikki Rowlands (Teacher Tuesday afternoon,)/Mrs Vicky Lane (College Tuesday afternoon) , Ms Jenny Lee (Teaching TA Fridays), Miss Amelia Bedward (Teaching Assistant), Mrs Kerry Riley (Teaching Assistant), Mrs Kim Harwood (Teaching Assistant),  and Ms Samantha Foster (Classroom Apprentice).

The students’ curriculum in the classroom is based on the students’ various sensory needs as well as ensuring they gain the Life Skills needed to move on into adult life.

This year they will continue with the Preparing for Adulthood curriculum which develops skills, knowledge and understanding within Employment, Community, Independence and Health. This year our emphasis is on keeping clean, healthy and safe, in our homes and the areas around where we live.

In Employability sessions Group 5 are continuing the work on selling sweets in school.  Although we no longer have Sweet Treats, most of the class is still involved with learning how to bag up sweets hygienically and work with money to sell them within school.  Three of our older students are now going to Arthur Mee College on a Tuesday afternoon.

There will be other times when we have access to the soft play area, sensory room, sensory studio and hall for physical activities. Fridays is our Health Day when we do P.E. and focus on how to look after ourselves, including having showers and cleaning our teeth. 

In Literacy we have been re-visiting The Twits in honour of Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday, focussing on sequencing events in a story and re-telling them.  We will then look at non-fiction texts about Litter and Recycling over the next few weeks and then look at poems and songs.  We will then start the cycle again.

We are always working towards the students being able to express themselves and encourage them to use a mixture of sounds, words, signs and symbols as appropriate.  Each student has their own reading book which we try to read twice a week and ask questions to check that they’ve understood what they’re reading about.

In Maths we have a wide range of abilities.  We are working on developing each student’s strengths in handling numbers, especially in real-life situations.  We will also focus on money in Sweet Treats and look at how we can sort simple data to give us information.

The morning routine is similar to last year to avoid any unnecessarily stressful changes.  Each day will start with students organising their belongings and settling down to say hello to everyone in class. We use symbols on the whiteboard to go through our daily timetable and students will have time to adjust if the routine has changed. There is a diverse of needs in Group 5 and to support everyone’s learning throughout the lessons we offer practical activities as well as worksheets. We get stars for working hard in our class and if we get 5 stars we get a sticker.  If we get 5 stickers in a week we win a prize in Assembly on Tuesday afternoons.  That’s when we also celebrate our “Star of the week” award.

As part of our 14-19 cohort, Group 5 is a class which will provide help/support for the students to prepare them for adulthood after Foxwood.  We provide a regular structure and set of routines to ensure that our students feel safe and happy to come to school.


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