Rabbits is one of the four KS1/KS2 classes and is part of the Semi-Formal pathway within the Academy. At present there are nine students within the class; 5 boys and 4 girls who are aged between six and eleven years.

The students in Rabbits are working within the following ranges:

English P6 to Level 1C   Maths P6 to Level 1B   Science P5 to Level 1B

The ‘Rabbits’ are a vibrant group of students, who are playful and inquisitive. They enjoy learning through hands on experiences and play, and they love just dance! They love to laugh and they make a great team. All learners within the class have a range of complex learning needs related to communication, social interaction and self-help skills; most of the class have a diagnosis of ASD or ADHD.   

There are three members of staff in Rabbits: Miss Victoria Tewson (Teacher), Miss Eden Weaver (Learning Support Assistant) and Miss Abigail Hodgetts (Supply Learning Support Assistant).

The children access most of the curriculum in their own classroom space which is a calming and stimulating environment; but full advantage is taken of the Academy facilities including the kitchen, hall, soft play and sensory room. The students study numeracy and literacy both 4 times a week with regular reading and phonics sessions too. They also learn about science and history and geography through a cross curricular approach. Opportunities are also taken to explore the wider community and local area. They have opportunities for PE and sport, horse riding and swimming. The students explore their creative sides through art, cooking, music and drama. Where possible we try to enhance learning with first hand experiences that enable the students to better understand the topics we are learning. We are continuing to develop our Preparing for Adulthood curriculum which develops skills, knowledge and understanding within Employment, Community, Independence and Health.

We begin every day with structured play where the students can talk and develop social skills with staff and their peers. Individual reading takes place and every child is given the chance to begin the day in a relaxed and settled way. Every morning, we do hello time where every child is greeted and says how they feel. We then we look at the timetable for the day. Throughout the day, the students develop PSHE skills alongside cross curricular learning by engaging in a selection of well-planned and structured activities. Role play and small world play also takes place daily. A multi-sensory approach to learning enables all students to engage at their own level. Staff are supportive but facilitate the students in developing their independence. The students feel safe and secure in the environment and enjoy their time in the Academy.

Students are rewarded with stickers for good behaviour, working hard and being a kind friend. If the children get enough stickers, they earn treat time at the end of the week. Each day the children can earn time in soft play. Every week one student is chosen as star of the week and will receive a certificate and a prize.

Reading is important and individual reading happens every day, first we match key symbols then we read our book. Group reading of shared texts happens during Literacy sessions. Students are given opportunities to browse a range of books during the Academy day. On a Wednesday, we have an older student read us a story at story time.

We work closely with a range of other professionals depending on individual needs. Opportunities for working with a Speech and Language Therapist, Visual Specialist and Occupational Therapist are available to students as required.


We communicate with home daily through the use of planners which are checked every morning and completed at hometime. We also will make phonecalls to parents when a longer conversation is needed. We like to meet parents at parents evening and at Academy events. Often when a student has done a piece of work that they are proud of we will send a copy home that day so that they can share their success.

The Primary Phase provides a stable foundation for the student when they move into KS3 usually at age 11. The students are already familiar with staff and the Academy environment so this provides for a smooth transition.



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