Foxcubs is one of the three EYFS/KS1/KS2 classes and is part of the Pre-Formal pathway within the Academy. At present there are 8 students within the class; 7 boys and 1 girl who are aged between four and ten years.

The students in Foxcubs are working within the following ranges:

Early Years Foundation Stage:            Developing stage in all areas

Key Stage 1 and 2: 

English P3(i) to P5

Maths P3(i) to P5

Science P3(i) to P5

Each one has a very special and unique character and it is wonderful to see them developing both as individuals and as a class! All of the class have complex learning needs related to communication, social interaction and self-help skills. There are a range of diagnoses within the class including ASD, ADHD, Pitt Hopkins, Tuberous Sclerosis and Smith–Magenis. 

There are four members of staff in Foxcubs: Mrs Helen Hadley(Teacher Monday to Wednesday), Mrs Angie Potter (Teaching TA Wednesday to Friday), Miss Eden Weaver (Learning Support Assistant), Miss Lucy Belton (Learning Support Assistant - currently on Maternity Leave) and Miss Isabelle McMahon (Classroom Support Assistant).

The children access most of the curriculum in their own classroom space which is a vibrant and stimulating environment; but full advantage is also taken of the Academy facilities including the kitchen, hall, soft play and sensory room. We start each day with our ‘Hello Time’ in which we establish the daily timetable and welcome everyone to the Academy. A creative and multi-sensory approach to learning is adopted across all core and foundation subjects of the National Curriculum supported by the use of signs and symbols. Signs and symbols are essential to begin to develop key literacy skills including reading and comprehension. This will be the third year we will have Preparing for Adulthood curriculum which develops skills, knowledge and understanding within Employment, Community, Independence and Health.

We work closely with a range of other professionals given the nature of need in Foxcubs including a regular session with a speech and language therapist and sometimes input from an occupational therapist. Communication between home and the Academy is especially important. Students’ planners are checked each morning and a note written from the Academy most days. Full advantage is also taken of 'MarvellousMe' to provide regular updates to parents and carers.

By providing a fun, safe and engaging environment the students in Foxcubs are enabled to succeed and achieve. This is celebrated on a daily basis and is further recognised by our ‘Star of the Week’ award.


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