Group 2

Group 2 is one of the five KS4/KS5 classes and is part of the Formal pathway within the Academy. At present there are ten students within the group; 8 male and 2 female who are aged between fourteen and eighteen.


The students in Group 2 are working within the following ranges:

English: Entry Level 2 to Entry Level 3

Maths: Entry Level 1 to Entry Level 3

Science: Entry Level 3 to Level 2


Most of the class have learning needs related to communication, social interaction and self-help skills; and several of the class have a diagnosis of ASD.  The students in Group 2 have a great sense of humour, and have a range of interests both in and out of the Academy, which include karate, playing on the computer and games consoles, dancing, singing, going on holiday and football.


There are four members of staff in Group 2. They are Nikki Glover (Teacher), Anji Bonser (Teaching Assistant), Sindy Blake (Teaching Assistant), and Sherice Dainty (Classroom Apprentice).


The students access the curriculum in standard teaching rooms as well as specialist teaching rooms such as the Art room, Science laboratory, Food Technology room and ICT suite.  Many students access off-site facilities, which include Travel Training, Flora Lands Farm and work experience in a care home. All of the students follow accredited courses in English, Maths, Science, Computing and PSD. They also access a Preparing for Adulthood curriculum which develops skills, knowledge and understanding within Employment, Community, Independence and Health.


We start each day with our registration time. Students hand in their planners to staff and complete the ‘How I am feeling today’ board. We get to establish the daily timetable and welcome everyone to the Academy. The register is taken, whilst students organise themselves for morning registration activities.  On Mondays students read independently whilst the dinner register is completed and orders taken, Tuesday’s students work on improving their handwriting skills. On Wednesday there is a “Handprint” assembly for the older students in the Academy. On Thursdays students will read out loud to a member of staff as well as to themselves. On a Friday morning they can choose to play a game with other members of the group in order to have the opportunity to socialise, take turns and problem solve independently. All of the tutor time activities are to help all students work towards their targets set at their last EHCP review meeting.


We work closely with a range of other professionals in Group 2, and the professionals in question depend upon the individual needs of the student. Communication between home and the Academy is especially important. Where necessary and appropriate, parents are emailed on a daily basis to help offer support to the student both at home and at school in terms of their behaviour and to help access all areas of the curriculum. Students’ planners are checked each morning and parents are encouraged to communicate with the class staff through the planner or via telephone.


For those students who make excellent progress they can transition from 14-19 Group 2 into 14-19 Group 1. Others may choose to move on to a local college or to complete an internship through Project SEARCH.


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