Big Lottery (Awards for All) Bid

At Foxwood, we stress the importance of personal development of each child and young person, with reference to their learning, social emotional, physical, spiritual and moral education. As a result of this, we are keen to tackle a huge problem area for ourselves which comes in the form of a lack of physical activity at the school and indeed the local community. Whilst students are the ones at risk, it is vitally important that we engage parents in the is project also, so that they are educated as to the problems that students are facing from their lack of activity and potentially everyday unhealthy diets. The link between children with disabilities and subsequently suffering with obesity is unmissable and many papers have been written to showcase this massive area of concern.

The Academy applied for funding to run Healthy Futures extra-curricular sessions running once a week in which we would like to invite students, and just as importantly parents (decision makers), to take part in 2 hours of healthy cooking, healthy eating, physical activity and educational learning. By taking this time to engage with families, we feel that the parents will be better equipped to understand what their children are going through and also that the element of family and fun time mixed together with this exciting project will enable us to educate via an alternative learning environment, which is critical for all involved.

The bid was successful and the Academy was awarded £9800 to undertake the programme which starts in January 2017

After School Clubs

Healthy Futures Club
Healthy Futures programme on a Monday or Tuesday after school is a targeted programme for children identified as needing additional exercise and help with making healthy choices. If you feel that your child would benefit from this, please talk to their class team who can recommend them to the organisers.

As an introduction to the scheme, we are running 2 exercise based programmes bringing in external sports coaches. We will use these introductory sessions to sort out the logistics of the activities and talk to the young people about things that might help them make healthy choices in the future. Over time we also hope to give parents the opportunity to take part in some events with the students.

The clubs run either on Monday from 3:45 – 5:45pm or Tuesday from 3.45pm - 5:15pm. Both these introductory sessions will focus on exercise fundamentals with Monday supported by Lee Canoville Coaching and Tuesday supported by Attenborough Cricket Club. We have decided to run both sessions at Foxwood Academy.

The clubs will be supervised by staff from Foxwood and they will escort students and stay with them throughout the club. As this is sponsored by the National Lottery, the programme is FREE to attend. (Please note: we may ask for donations towards the cost of certain activities in the future but we will contact you in advance)

Transport can be arranged to get students home although there will be a cost of £3 per session if we provide transport.

We really hope the students will take the opportunity to try out this new club and help us shape a Healthier Future for us all. We plan to start the Monday sessions on 16th January for 10 weeks and the Tuesday sessions on 17th January for 6 weeks. As numbers are limited we are only offering one session per week for each student.

Clubs that were run during 2015-16 can be found here

Lunchtime Clubs

Lunchtime break is an opportunity for students to get involved in a number of activities. Current lunchtime clubs are:

  • Football club
  • Choir
  • Boccia competitions


Please use this form to ask a question about the after school and holiday clubs that Foxwood runs. Also to request a place for your son/daughter. This will be emailed to our clubs coordinator and dealt with as soon as possible.