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Foxwood Academy

Learning for Life


‘Every area of a child’s life is affected by the family.’

‘Unemployment by either or both parents causes financial hardship and social and emotional strain which can disrupt family life.’

Our vision is to:

  • Work in partnership with our pupils and their families
  • Raise aspirations and provide ‘real’ routes into paid employment (Project SEARCH)
  • Close the attainment gap in English, Maths and Science

The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011 for children from low-income families who were eligible for free school meals (FSM), looked after children (LAC) and those families with parents in the Armed Forces. Eligibility for the pupil premium from 2012-2013 onwards was extended to pupils who have been eligible for FSM at any point in the last six years. In 2012-2013 schools and Academies were allocated a total of £1.25 billion funding which rose to £1.87 billion in 2013-2014 and has remained around £2.5 billion over the last three years. As in previous years this funding is in addition to the school’s budget and represents a major investment in pupils.

 ‘The Department for Education’s recent White Paper makes clear our commitment to achieving educational excellence everywhere, so that all pupils are able to realise their potential irrespective of their background. Our introduction of the pupil premium in the last Parliament was an important step towards this aim, as part of far-reaching reforms that place high expectations at the heart of our school system. It is helping to raise the performance of the most disadvantaged children with around £2.5 billion of additional spending each year.

The Department’s pupil premium awards have shone a spotlight on the innovative and effective ways hardworking teachers and school leaders are using the pupil premium to extend opportunity for pupils who lack the advantages most of us take for granted. They are overturning generations of stereotyping and demonstrating that what a pupil’s family does or where they are born should not predetermine their chances in life. At a national level, however, too many disadvantaged pupils still fall behind their better-off peers at school and fail to achieve their potential in later life.’

          – Extract from Effective pupil premium reviews, May 2016 National College for Teaching and           Leadership 

During the current academic year it is expected that Foxwood Academy will receive £51,155 which will be used to raise achievement through a wide range of additional ‘resources’. Our belief is that to truly make an impact on the individual lives of the young people at whom this funding is aimed, we need to know and understand our students’ needs well. Whilst acknowledging that we do have small groups of students who have similar needs and would benefit from ‘pooled’ resources, there are many who require bespoke support and interventions to improve their life chances.

Our 2016-2017 overarching priority continues to focus on Attendance with a higher emphasis this year on support for families. Our Family Liaison and Attendance Officer (FLAO) has responsibility for our parent support group, to support new admissions, attendance and 1:1 support to work directly with families. With the funding coming from our PP(P) income any PP(P) student has priority over this support though key personnel do work across the whole Academy. In addition, as we did 2015-2016, we are committed to supporting the Summer Term residential experience (KS1-3 this academic year) and the majority of our new curriculum activities that have an additional cost to parents.

A percentage of the funding per student is also allocated for tutors / teachers to identify areas where there are ‘gaps’ between an individual pupil and their non-PP(P) peers and request interventions to help narrow/close any gap. This may be in the area of Achievement and Progress, Attendance, Social skills and/or wider achievements. Staff complete a request for funding form stating the intervention/resource identified and what the impact and outcome for the individual will be. As a general rule this has been budgeted for £250 per PP and £500 per PPP student this academic year. This does need to be flexible though as some students will need more to be specifically assigned to them.

Each term staff have sight of and update the Intervention Plan which identifies the priority areas to focus on for each individual PP(P) student. This is continually updated and never finished! The priority for all of our PP(P) students is to be on target to reach their end of year / Key Stage target in line with national expectations (PM) in English, Maths and Science. If any of these are ‘red’ the teacher of the subject will be asked to look at any potential barriers and identify interventions. Our Academy records show an agreed intervention with impact and outcomes measures and summarises the allocation per student.

With the primary focus on raising achievement and closing the gap between our Pupil Premium children and their peers, other examples of how the Pupil Premium Grant is being allocated to support individuals at Foxwood Academy include:

  • To close the gap for KS3 English including Reading and Writing (29%)
  • To close the gap for KS4 into Post 16 English (25%) and Maths (21%)
  • Health and exercise programmes
  • Behaviour strategies
  • Attendance
  • Adaptations to curriculum dependent on needs, for example Sensory input
  • Provide access to professional services outside of the Academy, for example Speech and Language or Occupational therapy, Mental Health Service
  • Home support for families
  • Enrichment activities for any student whose family is unable to meet the financial costs or access
  • Independent travel

We would encourage all parents and carers who may not have applied for Free School Meals, but may be entitled to them, to do so in order that their Son/Daughter can benefit from some of the great initiatives funded by the Pupil Premium grant.

To find out if you qualify for Free School Meals please telephone the following number in confidence. You will need to supply your name, address and National Insurance Number. The service will let you know straight away if you qualify and will notify us for you. This will help us to ensure that we continue to target our resources at students who need it most.

Tel – 01623 433009 or 0300 500 8080 or Mini-com - 01623 436657


Next review of the Academy Pupil Premium Strategy - September 2017

How Pupil Premium is making a difference at Foxwood

In 2015-2016 closing the gap in Attendance was a priority area for our Pupil Premium Students.


Academic Year 2014-2015

Academic Year 2015-2016


Pupil Premium





Non-Pupil Premium





Whole Academy





Gap between PP and their non-PP peers





Over the last 3 academic years the gap in attendance between our Pupil Premium students and their non-Pupil Premium peers has reduced by 2.68% from 3.70% (2013-2014) to 1.96% (2014-2015) to 1.02% (2015-2016).

On analysis of our Outcomes in English, Maths and Science for our Pupil Premium students in 2015-2016 and the ‘Closing the Gap’ agenda:

- In Science at Key Stage 2 there is a significant increase (33%) from 67% in 2014-2015 to 100% in 2015-2016 pupil premium students meeting or exceeding their End of Key Stage Targets in line with National Progression Materials. Our Pupil Premium students now do as well as their non-Pupil Premium peers.

- In Maths at Key Stage 3 there is a significant increase (20%) from 80% in 2014-2015 to 100% in 2015-2016 pupil premium students meeting or exceeding their End of Key Stage Targets in line with National Progression Materials. Our Pupil Premium students now do as well as their non-Pupil Premium peers.

- In Writing at Key Stage 3 there is an increase (11%) from 60% in 2014-2015 to 71% in 2015-2016 pupil premium students meeting or exceeding their End of Key Stage Targets in line with National Progression Materials. The gap between our Pupil Premium students and their non-Pupil Premium peers is closing (40% to 29%)

- In Science at Key Stage 4 (into post 16) there is a significant increase (33%) from 67% in 2014-2015 to 100% in 2015-2016 pupil premium students meeting or exceeding their End of Key Stage Targets in line with National Progression Materials. Our Pupil Premium students now do better than their non-Pupil Premium peers.

Pupil Premium 2015-2016

The Foxwood Academy allocation of Pupil Premium funding for 2015-2016 was just over £46,000.

This was used to support the 48 children eligible in the following ways:




Promotion and Raising Awareness of Pupil Premium and Pupil Premium Plus


Greater understanding of PP(P) amongst parents and carers. Additional PP(P) students on roll @ £1900 per pupil per year – Potential increased income to Academy budget.

Curriculum Resourcing Literacy



92% students achieved outcomes in English and Reading and 100% in Writing in line with PMG

Curriculum Resourcing

Reading Interventions


Increased access to books through introduction of new library (Phase 4) and reading books. Improved reading levels. Increased confidence and interest in reading.

Curriculum Resourcing Maths


100% students achieved outcomes in Maths in line with PMG.

Curriculum Resourcing Science


86% students achieved outcomes in Science in line with PMG.

Curriculum Resourcing ICT/Computing


Increased engagement and stimulation activities linked to curriculum for potentially hard to reach students. 100% achieving ICT teacher set targets.

Curriculum Resourcing Sensory


Improved levels of concentration and engagement.




Pupils play alongside each other and develop understanding for the need to share and take turns. Fun and stimulating play based experiences to support subject based learning in class.


New PfA Employment


Successful transition to Project SEARCH and supported Living - ability to communicate appropriately.

Curriculum New PfA Community


Demonstrate good table manners, social skills and etiquette at meal times.

Curriculum New PfA Independence


Independent living skills developed – preparing simple meals.


New PfA Health


Provide opportunity to become involved in physical activity. Engaged and practicing physical activity within a social group. Health improved.

Increase in positive mental health and well-being; reduced anxiety for students and their families.




Enjoyment, improved co-ordination, balance and muscle tone, feeling of independence, self-achievement and self-confidence. Improved physical and social skills. Inclusion in Christmas performance for all our complex needs learners.

Positive Behaviour

Social Skills


Shared understanding of working in a team. Communication skills developed. Reduction in negative behaviours.

Positive Behaviour Transition


Reduction in Tier 3 behaviour at the end of a day.

Peripatetic music lessons


Pupils enjoy and achieve in music. 83% of students hit their specific music targets. Attendance 92% attendance overall with 2 students accessing 30 out of 30 lessons.

After School Provision



Enable access to club. Social skills and self-esteem/confidence increased. Arts Award Accreditation gained. Production team presented ‘The Lion King’ at end of year.



Individuals feel part of the Academy and ‘fit-in’ with their peer group, the majority of whom wear uniform. Increased confidence and self-esteem. Sense of belonging for individuals within the Academy.

Hot school dinner daily


Increased concentration and engagement in lessons throughout the day.


Self-Second project


Residential week for targeted pupils. Increase self-confidence and self-esteem. Positive impact on family life at home and attainment in Academy.

100% of students had less negative interactions with peers on their return to the Academy following the residential week. Students confident and able to speak up for themselves.




Time away from home to experience new things, social and emotional development. Gain independence skills, social skills, maturity and become more self-sufficient.

Parental Support



Reduction in frustration for student resulting in more positive relationships within the home.


English and Maths


100% on track to achieve Maths outcome at KS4.

100% on track to achieve English outcome at KS4 into Post 16.


Family Liaison & Attendance


Gap in attendance between our Pupil Premium students and their non-Pupil Premium peers has reduced from 3.70% (2013-2014) to 1.96% (2014-2015) to 1.02% in (2015-2016).

Increased parental attendance at a range of Academy meetings, for example student’s medicals and review meetings. Support to transport students home safely if they become ill during the day. Appropriate full training in Safeguarding, CAF and Child protection.


Access to Professionals


Expertise from outside the immediate school community to support families and pupils in the home and the Academy. Increased skills and understanding of how to support children.


CAF / CAMHS Referrals


Access to specialist services.

Total               £44,080.25