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One of the key aims of our sport and fitness provision at Foxwood for the primary age children is to encourage participation and enthusiasm, and to begin to develop an engagement with exercise that can grow throughout the student’s school career. We do this by providing a wide range of activities that children of all abilities can participate in. Football club, cheerleading and the Boccia tournament are available at lunchtime clubs and trampolining and mixed sports are available after school providing the students with a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities.

The Primary Sports Funding we receive as an Academy enables us to provide the students with a range of more adventurous activities too. The use of a specialist PE teacher who is a Qualified Trampolining Coach in order for the students to participate in this sport, providing funding for travel to and from horse riding sessions which are led by RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association), swimming sessions at Bramcote Leisure Centre led by qualified instructors, and finally the cost of maintaining and updating appropriate PE equipment and resources to ensure that all students can access PE activities.

At Foxwood Academy we currently have 22 primary students for the 2015-16 academic year. So far this academic year Foxwood Academy has received £8110 of PE and sport premium funding.

During the past Academic year, 2014-15, Foxwood received a total of £8120 PE and sport premium funding which was used to fund the activities as planned for this academic year.

The primary pupils at Foxwood Academy have a range of abilities and vary in their levels of mobility. It is important to provide them with a varied mix of sporting activities including horse riding and swimming which both provide an opportunity for the student to participate in a supported way. The use of qualified professionals to lead the sessions alongside staff ensures that the students are receiving provision of the highest quality. The sensory opportunities offered by horse riding, swimming and trampolining enhance the enjoyment of sporting activity and can often contribute to the development of language or communication skills. Sport contributes to the development of muscletone and gross and fine motor skills which in turn benefits the students learning in other areas of the curriculum.

The feedback from both staff and students is both positive and uplifting:

“I like trampolining because of Pam who really helps me and I love trampolining and the things at PE. It makes me feel happy it helps my body. I like doing jumps.”

By Elliot F, KS2, Rabbits class

“The students have had a wonderful time learning new skills and becoming comfortable on and around the Trampoline. Students have visibly grown in confidence whilst using the trampoline and have managed to master a range of basic skills between levels 1-3. The students have supported one another whilst on the trampoline and managed themselves and their own behaviour brilliantly. They have repeatedly failed attempts in order for them to reach the goal of successfully performing the skill, showing a great level of determination and resilience.”

Sam Hickling, LSA and leader for sports and PE

“What I like about swimming is that you get to swim around in the pool and get lots of exercise. It can be fun. I got better at swimming and I could swim further and I got my 25 metre badge. I feel very excited when I am swimming.”

By Sean B, KS2, Squirrels class

“Swimming has benefitted the children immensely. It has given them the opportunity to develop a variety of skills such as dressing and undressing themselves and getting themselves prepared for an activity. They have had to follow instructions from both the academy and the leisure centre staff along with developing confidence in the water and the ability to swim and be safe in and around water.”

Nikki Rowlands, teacher

“I really like horse riding because I get to ride Bristol. I am riding Bristol properly and sit straight. I feel really happy and excited when I am horseriding. I have to listen to Penny who is in charge of all the horses. Bristol does the looking for me because sometimes I can’t see properly.”

By Layton S, KS2, Squirrels class

“Seeing their faces and watching them experience horse riding is amazing! They get to not only ride the horses, but feel an enormous amount of confidence and self esteem. It gives the children a focus and an interest which is special to them. Riding also improves their balance coordination and concentration. Having the volunteers support the children also helps the children develop their social and communication skills whilst all the time having FUN.” 

Bev Verney, LSA in Rabbits

Providing the students with this varied mixture of active sessions allows all students to find something they enjoy and gives opportunities for them to find their strengths. Fostering this love of an active lifestyle now and preparing our students for a fulfilling and active adulthood.